The Starters XD


Here are the clan rules:

1. Have fun
2. Be nice to each other
3. No swearing
4. Only donate troops and spells that are requested
5. New members will not be included in the first two wars after they join
6. We use a chat application on our website or kik messenger to chat with each other about wars and to send assignments. We have a kik group - you MUST install kik and join the chat group or register on the website application within 48 hours of joining the clan or YOU WILL BE KICKED. If using kik please search for ejbarrets or stormada and we will add you to the group. Links for kik and the website chat app are on the chat page.
7 Set your clan wars icon to say if you are IN or OUT of wars
8. Promotions are earned; please do not ask to be promoted
9. You will be excluded from the next war if you don't use both attacks in a war and you will be put on the naughty list
10. You will be kicked from the clan if you don't use both attacks in two wars
11. You will be removed from the naughty list if you use both attacks in the next war you are in
12. We are an international clan - please use English when chatting to the clan
13. You must take part in at least 2 wars during any league season or you will be kicked. If your name is on the 'no war' list at the end of the league season you will be kicked. You can see the list here.
14. Attacking in wars - please do NOT attack a base that has not been assigned to you. If you wish to attack a different base (for example, if your assigned bases have 3 stars) then please ask in kik. Do not attack until you have had an answer from the leader or a co leader.


It is very important that you donate troops - we want everybody to donate their fair share of troops. As you know the donations reset at the end of each season (currently once a month). We will now be keeping a record of how much everybody donates.

By the end of each season you must have donated at least 50% of the amount of troops that you have requested. If you do not then you will be kicked from the clan.

You can see your donations and the dontaion ratio here. If you have donated less than 50% (0.5000) your donation percentage will be shown in red. The list is automatically updated once per hour.

We will be monitoring the donations each season and if we feel that 50% still isn't encouraging everyone to donate fairly then we will change it.

If anybody wants a specific level of troop or spell they should make it clear in their request. If no level is mentioned in the request then ANY level can be donated, even to clan members with higher level troops.


If somebody gets kicked from the clan for not using both attacks in two wars we will allow them to rejoin the clan after two weeks. When they rejoin the clan they will be on probation and must achieve the following or they will be kicked from the clan and not allowed back in.

1. They must donate at least 400 troops in the first week that they are back in the clan.

2. They must take part in 3 wars in the first two weeks that they are back in the clan.

3. They must get at least 5 stars in those 3 wars.